Academic painter Violeta Králová comes from Sophia, Bulgaria. From 1977 to 1983 she was studying the specialization of Fashion Art Design at the University of Applied Industrial Art in Prague. After obtaining the diploma she moves to Bratislava where she lives and creates fashion until now.

The beginnings of her art creativity were presented mostly on exhibitions, fashion shows and later succeeded custom clothes art works for famous celebrities and smart set of Slovak society.

In 1989 she started fashion house and created her own trade mark 'Violette' which became the symbol of her following creations for customer service and sale of her models.

Besides modern creation, in which Violeta KRAL works until now, she likes to implement also free painting in her work of art.

The main component of her oeuvre is combined technique. Very often she uses also textile elements e.g. lace works, cords and textile fabric. She likes as well abstract painting, which is very suitable for the modern, stylish interior.